Documentation required for the deed of sale

• Ownership title (authentic deed).
• Last Property Tax (IBI) receipt.
• Certificate showing up-to-date payment of Owners' Association common expenses, issued by the Administrator of the property.
• Original Certificate of habitability.
• Original Energy Certificate.
• Original of national ID document.
• Originals of seller's powers of attorney, where such exist.
• It is advisable also to provide the latest receipts for water, gas and electricity in order to make the change of name easier.
• Current dossier of ITE (Inspección Técnica del Edificio) building inspection report.
• Certificate of cancellation of mortgage, where applicable.

Expenses involved in the sale transaction

• As follows: Notary Public, Property Registry and Administrative Assistance. These vary according to the price at which the property is transferred. They usually amount overall to being just under 10% of the transfer price.

Taxes involved in the sale transaction

• Sellers from the Catalonia region are subject to the following taxes:

For sellers

• Tax on the Increased Value of Urban Land (to find out the amount, you can ring 012).
• Personal Income Tax (IRPF) or Corporation Income Tax, depending on whether the seller is a natural or legal person (individual or company).

For purchasers

• VAT or Transfer Tax, depending on whether it is a new or a 2nd-hand dwelling.
• Stamp Tax, when the operation is carried out with VAT.